SCOGO Chemotherapy Clothing Header

Stylish, functional
and comfortable
chemotherapy clothing

SCOGO Chemotherapy Clothing Header

Clothing to keep
you active during
and after treatment.



Our Story

Designed by a cancer survivor
who understands your needs
for IV access clothing.

Our Shirt

Provides easy access to ports
while keeping you warm 
and covered during treatment.

Our Shop

Our shirts are a welcome
gift for anyone receiving 
healthcare treatment.

Know someone battling cancer? Give the gift that shows you support them and you care.

Designed by cancer survivors to provide style, comfort, privacy, and the freedom to move during chemotherapy and other treatment!

The patented design provides patients and their healthcare providers easy access to key parts of the body during chemotherapy through invisible Velcro closures. The breakaway shirt is removable, even while connected to IV’s. SCOGO Wear has been selling cancer care garments since 2014 and has donated hundreds of shirts since then.

What Others Are Saying

 – Rosemary G., RN

Businesses can support their workforce with custom-branded cancer shirts as a way to say “we care” to those employees with a cancer diagnosis.