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Scogo Wear was founded in 2014 by Michael Scogin and son, Joshua in Houston, Texas. The clothing line includes the inaugural infusion shirt and a line of accessories with more clothing on the way.

I’m Michael Scogin, a Texan, and cancer survivor.


After starting with just a truck and a helper, I built an air conditioning and heating company that now employs 13 people.  I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful son.




In early 2013, after noticing that my tonsils were greatly swollen, I visited my family practitioner and then an ENT specialist.  I underwent a tonsillectomy and a routine biopsy of the tissue from the surgery was conducted and on April 4, 2013.  I was told I had Burkitt’s lymphoma, a highly aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I was immediately referred to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  After meeting with a specialist, I was scheduled for eight rounds of week-long inpatient chemotherapy treatments, to be followed up by a stem-cell transplant.


I was pretty much in denial for the first couple of weeks.  Of course, I knew I didn’t have cancer; I felt fine - the results must have been mixed up with those from another patient!


I was still in denial when I checked into the hospital for my first week-long round of chemotherapy. It wasn’t until I was in the hospital bed, wearing a hospital gown, and hooked up medical machines that reality hit me hard. “This is real.  I really have cancer.”



The hospital gown made me feel depressed. It was cold, had to be awkwardly draped around my PICC line, and left me with little physical privacy. Not to mention, it always required the assistance of someone to help tie it up once I was able to change – taking away my independence, privacy, and making me feel helpless.  The nurses told me that I had to wear it, because I could not be disconnected from the chemo once it was started, making it impossible to wear ‘regular clothes.’  Also, each of my treatments were to last for a full week.



The nurses and doctors encouraged Elaine and I to get out of the room and walk around during treatment, but the gown made me feel awkward and exposed.  It was during that first week that I thought, “There has GOT to be something better out there to wear for this type of scenario.” I needed something stylish, versatile, and designed with independence in mind.

Elaine spent hours searching for solutions, but came up empty. She found products for breast cancer and dialysis patients, but nothing that would work for long-term connectivity to the infusion pumps that I was tied to day and night.


Finally, in an act of desperation, Elaine cut up some of my shirts, making holes in the sides and used shoe laces as ties to hold them together once shirt was on. Thus, the idea for SCOGO was born!   Since then we have made many modifications, learned by trial and error, and the shirt has evolved into what you see today.


After a full year of treatments, a few close calls, and many butchered t-shirts, I was declared cancer free. With the encouragement of my family and my desire to help others in similar situations, we decided to focus on creating products for others dealing with similar situations such as long-term inpatient infusion therapy, outpatient therapies, and other limiting medical conditions.



SCOGO branded apparel products make you feel like a person rather than patient.  Our products are functionable, comfortable, stylish, and provide easy access during medical treatments.  Our soft, hidden Velcro closures allow access to ports and infusion sites on your body.  Hospital staff and patients love the ease of access and the simplicity of putting our products on and taking them off.  The feedback that we have gotten from other patients and practitioners has been phenomenal.  Easy to wear, wash, and feel like a human being.  We love to hear from our customers and hope to hear from you soon.


I founded SCOGO Wear, LLC in 2014 with fellow cancer survivor and entrepreneur, Luis Nieto, along with my wife Elaine and son Joshua.  We hope our shirts can help others as they undergo chemotherapy or other medical treatment.

Believe you can and you are half-way there!


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