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Designed by a cancer survivor, ScoGo shirts offer functionality, comfort, independence and modesty.

Patented* design provides patients and their health care providers easy access to key parts of the patient’s body during chemotherapy or dialysis or other healthcare treatments.


This innovative shirt was conceived for the purpose providing a hassle free garment and minimizing cumbersome clothing changes during treatment. The full VELCRO® seams make  SCOGOTM shirts easy to put on and take off – even while connected to IV’s.


Our products are functional, comfortable, stylish, and provide easy access during medical treatments.


Our soft, hidden VELCRO closures allow access to ports and infusion sites on your body. Hospital staff and patients love the ease of access and the simplicity of putting our products on and taking them off. The feedback that we have gotten from other patients and practitioners has been phenomenal. Easy to wear, wash, and feel like a human being.  We love to hear from our customers and hope to hear from you soon.




Our Shirts

Fashionable, breakaway design

Easy on/off – even while connected to IVs

Soft, warm comfortable 100% cotton

Limits personal exposure – vent or seal as much as needed

VELCRO seams allow easy access to IV connections

Patient mobility with IV lines tucked safely into sleeve






*Patent Nos. D787781 and 2017019070



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As I walked the halls attired in the ScoGO shirt, I became known as the best dressed patient in the cancer center. Other patients wanted to know where I got the shirt. It was so comfortable that I slept in it several nights.


As an engineer, it wasn’t hard to see the thought that was put into the design to address the issues that face cancer patients while connected to the nasty tubes. It’s a shame that you have to have cancer and need chemo to use such a comfortable garment." – Gary H.


"Clothing is the last thing patients need to worry about when they are going through the emotional and physical discomfort of chemotherapy.  The easy access to their ports makes it easy for a nurse to administer treatment and a true blessing for them as patients. I wish every infusion therapy patient had one of these shirts to wear during treatment." – Rosemary G., RN

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ScoGo Wear Logo

ScoGo Wear Logo